Texas Undergoes 10% Savings Initiative for Government Agencies and State Funded Colleges and Universities

How Can Equipment Maintenance Management Help During State Budget Cuts? 

According to the Texas Legislative Budget Board and Governor Greg Abbott’s Office, all state agencies and state funded higher education institutions are being asked to do an extensive review of their programs and reduce their budgets by 10%The fear is that this savings initiative could require additional labor reductions to meet the goal. This will be challenging for those entities that are already dealing with greater work demands than can be completed with the existing workforce. One solution is to review an existing equipment maintenance management strategy, that likely falls under the capital expenditure budget.   

If you are managing multiple equipment contracts, feeling the pain of numerous purchase orders, and are drowning in labor intensive tasks, then Remi’s Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP) may be the solution to address the budget cuts and work demands. 


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How Can Remi Help? 

  • Leverage State Approved Vehicle – Avoid the costly and lengthy RFP process and use the Department of Resources (DIR) contract  
    #DIR-TSO-3478, to award the project and save 27% with Remi. 

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  • Administrative Benefits -  Consolidate multiple contracts into one program and eliminate creating numerous purchase orders. And, when equipment fails, call one number and let us take care of the rest.    

  • Contract Flexibility – Other vendors might charge a penalty for cancellation, but with Remi we make it easy-- just notify us 30 days prior to cancellation. Just because you can leave, doesn’t mean you will ever want to.     

  • Extend Equipment Life – When equipment reaches end of life with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we may be able to extend the life by reaching out to our extensive vendor network. 

We know you have a choice when selecting a partner, so choose the one that can help you find the funds needed during these budget cuts, so you no longer need to worry about staff reductions.